Urbantech is a non-equity, pilot-focused accelerator program running in Denmark from 2019-2021. They bring together startups from around the world with three Danish corporates to accelerate the development of sustainable cities – one pilot at a time.


I was part of the Urbantech project as an external consultant for 2 years. I had full responsibility over the website. I worked closely with Urbantech’s marketing manager and managing director. 


  • Search engine optimization using Amazon’s Alexa audit tool. Within a short time, the site reached an excellent score in the audit. I went through all the technical SEO tasks, such as fixing broken links, providing alt-texts and meta texts, optimizing the pages and the speed, create better internal and external linking
  • Move the whole website to a new hosting service. This included redesigning and modernizing the UI, creating smarter solutions with auto-updates, so the website can function seamlessly even after the program closed in 2021. 
  • As the program grew within its 3 years, I needed to make sure to organize the content and the portfolio so it stays relevant and informative, easy to search, keeping in mind all stakeholders: the startups, the corporate partners, the press, the mentors and ecosystem heroes. The main goal was to create a site where all stakeholders could find content that’s related to their work, as a sort of portfolio. 

As a solution I created a site with a lot of categorically organized content and a search option on the Insights page