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Katalyst is my own startup, a marketplace platform that aims to create a solution for independent digital artists to sell their designs on various products such as posters, phone covers, textiles, etc. 

My goal is to help upcoming local artists and digital designers to sell their products and designs. By using the website, they can focus on the creation and they don’t have to deal with the hassles of technicalities and sales. Katalyst provides them with a simple platform where they can upload images of their products, allowing broad audiences to pu

Katalyst is at its beta version. I worked on UX/UI design and project management, development. 

You can read the full report of the development here. The report was written and designed by me. I worked closely together with a full stack developer. 

This 2.0 project was an extension of the original product. I designed an interface and brand identity that reflects the style of the brand better. This is an ongoing project, the brand identity and UI design is still under development, and it serves as an MVP. 

Katalyst has 2 user groups with different goals, which was kept in focus during the design process with the help of user stories and personas. Read the report to find out more. 

Based on the user research and problem statement, I developed the wireframes, information architecture and a clickable prototype that was used for user testing. I also prepared some of the CSS for the developer to speed up the development process.