Ordrestyring video hub


Ordrestyring’s video hub is an extension to their main website, using 23 –  a video marketing platform with solutions for videos, webinars, streams. Ordrestyring has a wide range of video content, such as product demos, integrations, partner spotlights, guides, webinars, customer cases, news of the company, etc.


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The focus of this project is to build a video hub that is easy to navigate and which seems like it’s part of the main website, even though it’s built within a completely different system.

The site is built within 23’s site builder, using Liquid HTML and CSS. 

I needed to make sure that I develop something that looks just like the main website so it seamlessly links to the hub. I started with coding the navigation bar and the footer. Besides some pages for the different video categories, I also coded a page for the video guides. Since Ordrestyring has both a web app and a phone app, it was essential to categorize the videos accordingly, as well as build a search function, so that the customer can easily find the video guide they are looking for.