Hack The Crisis Hungary 2020

Hackathon winning project


Hack The Crisis is 48 hours long non-profit online hackathon organised to fight the crisis caused by COVID-19. It was organized during March- April of 2020 by Garage48 as a global hackathon, separated into countries. I was part of the Hungarian hackathon, as that’s where I felt more help was needed. 

The project I was working on – Kollektiva, provides a delayed sales and communication platform for small business who are affacted by the lockdowns and restrictions therefore cannot gain profit. We provide a trustworthy platform where small business owners can sign up, create a webshop and sell their products and services.

Kollektiva won the Capital City Special Prize, we were invited to meet the public sector’s representative and was offered to create Kollektíva as a non-profit organization.


I joined the hackathon team as an outsider to an existing idea. During the 48 hours, I was working closely with the frontend and backend developers. We were in charge of the website and content, from ideation to execution. I was the designer of the visual identity and the user interface and experience. I built the information architecture and the structure of the content to make sure we provide a seamless user experience. My job was also to prepare all the needed CSS styling code for the frontend developer. Additionally, I helped out with some marketing/branding materials that were used in our demo video.