Emib Kft.


EMIB Kft. is Hungary’s first and oldest IT broker company, providing IT security solutions for banks and big corporations. 

They are ambassadors of PowerTech Group Corp., Intellinx Ltd., PKWARE Inc., MayFlower Software Inc.,  iBoostsystems Inc.,   Smartline Inc. solutions.

They services consinsts software development, System i audits,  DeviceLock installation, internal fraud prevention, money laundry prevention. 


I was hired as an external consultant to rebrand the company, design and develop a new website. This is an ongoing project, my designs are not developed and published yet. 

The main goal of the project is to give a facelift to the existing website. I’m moving the site to WordPress from Joomla. 

An important focus point is to create a platform that the client can easily update with product news, adding new product families and brands to their portfolio. Their products’ architecture consists of 3 layers, so the CMS had to be configured to fit this 3 layered structure. 

The main target group of the site is potential customers, therefore the focus was on designing something informative, easy to navigate and welcoming. 

The only restriction I received from the client is to keep their green and yellow colour scheme, otherwise, I had full ownership of the project.