Ordrestyring has developed Denmark’s leading case management platform used by more than 20.000 craftsmen. The platform integrates with a wide range of other systems – all with the aim of optimizing the business of the customers. 

Ordrestyring offers solutions for electricians, carpenters, masons, painters, sewers, construction managers and other craftsmen, to large time savings, gaining efficiency due to automated workflows. Admins and managers get a clear overview of their employee’s working hours, income, materials used. 


I joined the marketing team as a UX designer in June 2020, where I work closely with the head of marketing, a social media manager and a digital marketing manager.

My first projects were to optimize the customer journey of our new and old customers. This included designing a better onboarding experience, creating an automated email flow that connects our internal systems such as CRMs, email marketing solutions and our webinar/video hub

Later I got the task to connect our video marketing hub with our website and create a Customer References page on the site. I categorized the use case videos into industries and created a filterable portfolio. View full page.


Soon after, I gained full responsibility for the website. My job is to update the website with relevant content, restructure the navigation and architecture, create a seamless design while following the set brand guidelines. I designed and developed 80+ pages.  I’m also focusing on site optimization and the technical parts of SEO. I create monthly analytics and insights of the website and the users. 

Today I manage the Ordrestyring site in all 3 countries, Denmark, Norway and Sweden.